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$18.95 - Adults (12 years old and up)
$8.95 - Children's (2 - 11 years old)
$14.95 - Seniors (65 years old and up)

Group Rates (25 and up)

$14.95 - Adults (12 years old and up)
$7.95 - Children's (2 - 11 years old)

Public and Private school rates:
School rates $6.95 for kids
School lunch $6.00
Teachers are free and bus drivers
Chaperones are $10.00

Please call for Homeschool Rates
Operating Schedule
Open Daily

March, April, May, June | 10:00 - 6:00

July | 10:00 -7:00

August, September, October | 10:00 - 6:00

November 10:00 - 5:00
Open All of November
Closed for the season November 30th

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Birthday Parties
With over four acres of beautiful landscaped gardens, your birthday party will be one you will
not forget. Your child will encounter a live jungle experience surrounded by natures beauty
of live trees and plants and flowers and birds.

We have our own deli so you don’t have to travel anywhere for lunch. Your child can choose from sandwiches, hot dogs and chili hot dogs, meatball sub, pizza and for dessert great soft serve ice-cream cones.

With our picnic areas your child will be able to enjoy lunch and the birthday party with the sights and sounds of the birds and the picturesque waterfall.

The birthday child and his/her party team will be part of the Parrot Finders Scavenger hunt, strolling down jungle like trails. With the birthday child being the lead person of the Parrot Expedition Scavenger hunt.

The birthday child and his/her team will be given the opportunity to pet and feed the birds and for a keepsake he/she will be able to get their picture taken with a bird of their choice.

The birthday child will be given a Parrot Finders Scavenger Hunt certificate naming them as having participated in the scavenger hunt at Parrot Mountain and Gardens.
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