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$18.95 - Adults (12 years old and up)
$8.95 - Children's (2 - 11 years old)
$14.95 - Seniors (65 years old and up)

Group Rates (25 and up)

$14.95 - Adults (12 years old and up)
$7.95 - Children's (2 - 11 years old)

Public and Private school rates:
School rates $6.95 for kids
School lunch $6.00
Teachers are free and bus drivers
Chaperones are $10.00

Please call for Homeschool Rates
Operating Schedule
Open Daily

March, April, May, June | 10:00 - 6:00

July | 10:00 -7:00

August, September, October | 10:00 - 6:00

November 10:00 - 5:00
Open All of November
Closed for the season November 30th

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Reunions and Corporate Events
This is the ultimate place for a family reunion and corporate events, nestled on 4 acres of
beautiful landscaped gardens. Strolled down beautifully landscaped paved pathways adorned with
flowers and plants. As you walk down the pathways you will view tropical birds housed in unique cottages and also tropical birds sitting out in the open on perches lined along the pathways. You will hear talking birds, singing birds and get a chance to pet and feed the birds. Our birds will surely entertain your group with our many talented taking and singing birds. You will be amazed by what they say and do. We have our own deli where you can choose from sandwiches, hot dogs and chili hot dogs, meat ball sub, pizza and popcorn and nacho cheese and soft serve ice cream. With our picnic areas you will be able to enjoy lunch with the sighs and sounds of the birds and picturesque waterfall. Your group will enjoy and have many memories to share for a long time.

We guarantee enjoyment and fun for your family reunion or corporate event in a beautiful mountain setting. This is truly a great place to unwind and relieve stress.
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